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Melanie Hill

Melanie is a tested and proven leader whose ability to assess needs, find solutions, and create lasting relationships is the cornerstone of the service we bring to our clients. Her extensive experience leading multi-national teams gives her a vision of the world that is truly global – she sees what we all have in common, and she embraces cultural differences as an opportunity to learn and grow. She understands how to inspire diverse groups to act as one, and she gets results for our clients in a way that appears effortless. She sees her role as a partner, not a provider, and her personal investment in our clients’ outcome ensures their success.

Melanie’s career spans three decades and four continents. She has successfully implemented lines of business and strategic initiatives in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Her leadership skills have been honed over 30 years as Managing Director for Moventus, a senior executive for a global professional members association and a regional director with a global real estate consultancy .

Melanie holds a bachelor degree from the University of West England. She has lived and worked in in the UK, Hong Kong and the Middle East. She currently divides her time between the United Arab Emirates and the UK where her children attend university.

Melanie Hill

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Moventus help corporations and professional associations to plan, execute and manage global events. Our end-to-end corporate event management gives you the hands-on help to spread your global reach and tap into new markets.


We act as your hands-on partner, helping you to expand internationally – including membership development and event management. Association management services from trained, high-level professionals


We offer a variety of sponsorship development services to corporations and professional associations. Expand your sponsorship portfolio, manage your relationships and drive revenue with Moventus sponsorship development


We support the UK independent schools sector to market themselves internationally. We’ll provide a full scope of services including planning, outreach, student location and end-to-end management. Grow your global awareness and therefore your student base with Moventus.


Moventus executive assistant services provide support to mid to senior level executives. Our highly experienced executive assistants provide practical advice, assistance, as well as planning and management support.


“It is a real privilege to work with Melanie and the other members of Moventus. The events they produce are always the most well-run I have attended. They truly care about making their attendees feel honoured and welcome, and go the extra mile to see that everyone’s needs are being met. I regard their expertise highly.”

Sanjay Dutt, MD & CEO Tata Housing Development Company Ltd

Our strengths and values at Moventus


Moventus offers a global service model that is flexible and responsive across time zones. In fact, our diverse corporate and association management services has covered cover 5 continents and 21 different countries thus far.


We offer complete end-to-end support when it comes to the services we offer. This includes initial planning through to practical support, management and beyond. So, you only need to work with one provider to reach your goals and achieve your capabilities.


Our clients operate on strict deadlines, budgets and parameters. So, whether you’re a corporation or a professional association, we operate with the utmost efficiency. Our organised yet flexible approach enables us to offer quick turnaround for every project we complete.


Competitive pricing is one of our core strengths. Our “virtual office” model allows for greater global reach. It also boasts lower overhead than other events planners, corporate assistance and association


We’re committed to a high-touch service here at Moventus. Our clients are based all around the globe. So, we understand the importance of timely communication. We keep our clients informed every step of the way.

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