International marketing expertise to increase brand awareness

Does this sound familiar?

You want to expand international student placements at your client’s schools or your own private UK school but you don’t have sufficient international representation

You’re unsure how to run a global marketing campaign for your independent school

You are struggling to find the time to focus on your international student development and recruitment

Imagine if you could…

Run your private school without having to worry about international recruitment
Offer placements to the top students across the globe at your independent UK school
Expand international awareness thereby increasing student placements for your client’s or your private UK school
Worry less about your global marketing campaign as Moventus will take it on for you

Moventus, sourcing international students for independent UK schools

Here at Moventus, we offer an overseas marketing service for UK independent and private schools and agencies / consultancies representing the independent school’s sector. Our team of global specialists exist to help you put your school on the map enabling you to source and retain more international students – putting your school back on the map.

Having worked with multiple markets across the world, we have established the resources, knowledge and expertise, to help you develop your international presence. Moventus have worked with partners in all corners of the globe, with special expertise in Asia and the Middle East, to help UK independent schools’ consultants’ access some of their top students.

Our well-established partnerships and a thorough understanding of international and expat markets enables us to offer this unique service to the UK independent school’s sector. So, let Moventus provide you with the international marketing expertise you require.

Representing your consultancy or private school in international markets

Independent / private schools and their consultants may find it increasingly difficult to market themselves globally, without the right representation. So, we offer an international package to help you establish your services or a school’s international marketing presence.

We support  with outreach, conferencing and events planning and management, marketing, representation and more. In addition, our personal and holistic approach means that you’ll feel supported and heard at every step.

We pride ourselves on our culturally diverse team and the importance of knowing the latest educational news and trends. Working closely with our partners and clients we ensure we understand what type of students you are looking for and how your services can enhance their educational experience.

Work with Moventus to ensure you receive the international representation you need!

A unique international marketing service for UK independent schools sector

We’re proud to offer a unique service here at Moventus. Our specialist marketing service is aimed at the private UK schools sector, rather than expat parents.

In addition, our service goes beyond just consultancy at Moventus. We’re here to give you the hands-on, practical and support needed to create international awareness to allow you to secure a student from abroad. So, we’ll not only help you in the UK with planning and strategy, we’ll also provide on-the-ground support abroad to promote you.


“It has been my great pleasure to work with both Melanie Hill and Amanda Brooks. Amanda has a gift for identifying important new trends and for bringing out the best in her speakers. Melanie is a true leader; one of her many gifts is bringing together individuals from a wide range of cultural backgrounds to form a cohesive team. I have seen them create outstanding conference experiences in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. Working with them has always been an enjoyable experience.”

Mike Napier, Executive Vice President, Royal Dutch Shell plc

This is what we can promise when you work with us for your international marketing to enhance student recruitment

We have experience as expat parents

Not only do we have experience in the middle-east, we also have experience being expat parents ourselves.

This means we’re able to appreciate international student recruitment from both the school, and parents’ perspective. We also understand the challenges of each party.

So, we’ll use our unique position and experience to help you understand how to market your school professionally to international and expat parents.

We work directly for you, the school, not the parent

This is rare and hard-to-find when working with a private schools marketing service. It’s also especially difficult to find when you’re looking to expand globally.

Moventus works directly for you, the school/educator. We will liaise with expat parents for you but ultimately you are our client and we represent you.

A lot of education consultancies will provide a service to expat parents and will therefore promote a number of schools to one client. Whereas we exist to promote you to a number of clients.

We offer an exceptional marketing strategy

Due to our background, international reach and expertise we are able to provide you with a tailored marketing strategy.

By working with Moventus you will receive an in-depth, bespoke marketing package. We will look at your core values and goals as a school in order to expand your student base internationally.

Moventus provide you with all the tools and information as well as the practical hands-on support overseas needed to secure more of your target students.

Are you ready to….

Increase your international awareness leading to more student recruitment?
Establish your private UK school on a global scale with a strategic marketing plan?
Work with Moventus to help grow your international student-base?
Source and obtain excellent students on a global scale?

Find out how Moventus can help grow and expand your international marketing effort leading to student recruitment on a global scale, through campaigns, partnerships and a thorough understanding of international markets by contacting us today.