International Corporate Events to put your business on the map!

Does this sound familiar?

You are looking to run an event in a country where you don’t have an office presence

You’re looking to expand your international reach when it comes to events, professional networks and sponsors

You are lacking the time or manpower to plan, organise and execute global corporate events

Imagine if you could…

Run a corporate event on a global scale
Find professionals who can help your business grow on a global scale
Form international partnerships with businesses you’d otherwise have no way of knowing
Worry less about your event planning in its entirety

Welcome to Moventus, tailored events for your business

Moventus are a Global Corporate Events Planning and Management business. We operate internationally to help corporations, professional associations and charities plan, organise and execute their global events.

As an end-to-end provider, we take the hassle and uncertainty out of international events. We’ll support you from event conception and planning, through to on-the-day hands-on assistance to help everything run smoothly.

Holistic international expertise

With partners across the world and a deep understanding of global markets, your mind can be put at ease from the outset. From navigating local laws and regulations to securing venues, contracts and speakers, our international team acts as an on-the-ground partner to your organisation.

We also adopt a holistic approach to the global corporate events we run. Unlike some larger events companies, you’re never a number in the system to Moventus. We work to understand our clients personally to ensure their events line up with their business goals.

The Moventus Global Events Management Team

The Moventus corporate events planning and management team are a culturally diverse team of senior professionals. We encompass a wide variety of disciplines, specialties and experience. However, as a common thread, we live and breathe global events.

We work across multiple time zones, and work with multiple suppliers. We’ve built our clientele and relationships from the ground up and have done this over a number of years.

Having successfully implemented a vast number of global events it is our experience, dedication and drive that ensures we can run successful international corporate events all year round.

Planning, organising and executing global corporate events

Moventus offer bespoke, end-to-end international corporate events to organisations that need help working on a global scale. Due to the in-depth research, resourcing and planning needed to run such events, it’s important the business you work with understands the market you’re trying to reach.

By working with a global events management organisation, barriers such as; languages, local laws and regulations are eradicated. Moventus works with a number of businesses and partners across the globe to ensure your event is a success. From planning, sponsorships, organisation and execution, Moventus will ensure you reach your goals.

Sponsorship for international corporate events

Securing sponsorship is crucial to a successful event. It’s also one of the best ways to enhance exposure and increase brand awareness.

Here at Moventus, events sponsorship development and management is one of our key strengths. We’ll design a sponsorship portfolio based on your business goals and opportunities. Then, we’ll carry out all outreach, database management and relationship building needed to secure long-term sponsor partnerships.

Our sponsorship management is affordable, efficient and drives proven results!

Learn more about sponsorship here…


“It has been my great pleasure to work with both Melanie Hill and Amanda Brooks. Amanda has a gift for identifying important new trends and for bringing out the best in her speakers. Melanie is a true leader; one of her many gifts is bringing together individuals from a wide range of cultural backgrounds to form a cohesive team. I have seen them create outstanding conference experiences in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. Working with them has always been an enjoyable experience.”

Mike Napier, Executive Vice President, Royal Dutch Shell plc

“Melanie Hill is a goal oriented strategist. I have personally known Melanie for more than 11 years. Her leadership and organizational skills have been invaluable to our company. She is a professional in the design, marketing and execution of international conference programmes. Her core team members are an amazing multi-skilled team. Their group coordination is remarkable; they understand complex matters even when outside of their direct area of expertise. A very reliable team you can trust when you want to be sure that important tasks will be completed in a systematic and precise way.”

Juggy Marwaha, Chief Executive Officer, Prestige Office Ventures

“I have known Melanie for many years and have enjoyed working with her professionally. She was instrumental in setting up the CoreNet Global India Chapter with us. She is hard working and prompt to come up with solutions as well as being a responsible and very efficient person. She is excellent in handling multitasking assignments .She is a great asset for any organisation to partner with and I wish her best in her personal and professional life.”

Ashok Kumar, Founder & Managing Director, Gennex Partners

This is what we can promise when you work with us for your global corporate events

A personal experience

We understand how difficult and time-consuming organising an event can be.

This is why we work with you to find out more about you and your business, your goals and your aspirations.

It’s important to us that we learn as much as we can about you and your business so that when we organise your event it fits seamlessly with your company goals and brand identity.

A truly bespoke event

It’s important that any global events we run are tailored to every client. We never use a one-size-fits-all approach!

Working alongside your business/event goals is the best way for us to achieve this.

As we are an end-to-end business you can be confident that we’ll live and breathe your event from start to finish.

It’s just as important to us as it is to you that your event is a success.

An exceptional level of service and expertise

From our culturally diverse team to our years of experience, the service you receive with Moventus is one of a kind.

We work with suppliers all across the world, and work to your time zones.

No task is too big or too small and we will always work with you to ensure your global events are professional and successful. You’ll also feel supported, heard and included every step of the way!

Are you ready to….

Expand your corporate events into a new international territory?
Work with an end-to-end event organiser, so you can focus on your business?
Take the step into hosting events on a global scale?
Expand your partnership portfolio today?

Find out more about Moventus end-to-end corporate events package, which will excel your business on an international scale by contacting us today!