Sponsorship development and management to grow your sponsors and your opportunities

Does this sound familiar?

You are looking to gain international sponsorship but don’t have relevant experience of the market

You need a global sponsorship proposal strategy but don’t know where to begin

You need help establishing and retaining sponsors but don’t have the internal capability

Imagine if you could…

Run your organisation without having to worry about developing sponsorship
Focus solely on the success of your professional association or not-for-profit business
Introduce sponsor partners sponsorships from partners across the globe without having to do any of the hard work
Worry less about your one-off event and/or long-term sponsorship needs

Moventus sponsorship development service

Moventus are leading sponsorship management and development specialists. We exist to provide support to professional associations and corporations to help them develop new revenue streams, reach sponsorship targets and manage client relationships.

Sponsorships are the key to growth, whether you’re a not for profit or a private corporation. However, if you don’t have the internal capability to secure and manage long-term partnerships, how can you reach the success you’re capable of?

Here at Moventus, we offer end-to-end sponsorship services which include sponsorship strategy development, sponsorship consultancy and more practical securing and management of sponsors. Helping you to grow your business and maximise your income sream with an external partner.

Global sponsorship services

We offer our sponsorship consultancy and management on an international scale – with a diverse team of experts based around the world.

Having worked with a variety of businesses across the globe, we have the resources, knowledge and determination to increase sponsorship revenue for our clients. So, you’ll benefit from the long-term global relationships we’ve cultivated. Expand your sponsorship portfolio today with Moventus!

The Moventus sponsorship and planning team

The Moventus sponsorship and planning team are a culturally diverse group of senior professionals who exist to help your organisation achieve their goals. Through sourcing excellent sponsorships, whether that’s annually or for a single event, we can help your business or professional association grow.

As we work across a variety of time zones, and have established international partnerships, we are able to help with your sponsorship development needs. Whether that is sourcing new sponsors, maintaining current sponsor relationships, or both.

Here at Moventus, we take a holistic approach to our sponsorship consultancy. By supporting, acknowledging and working toward your goals and values, Moventus are able to create long-term, strategic partnerships that skyrocket your business, professional association or event.

In-depth sponsorship development consultancy package

Whether you’re looking to secure one-off sponsorships, or manage long-term partners, you need to work with someone who understands the intricacies of sponsorship planning and development.

Therefore, adopting an in-depth sponsorship consultancy package will ensure your business or not-for-profit flourishes. Here at Moventus, we offer a complete package, including sponsorship strategies and sponsorship management solutions.

We’ll work with you to develop strategies, manage portfolios and ultimately, grow your organisation. We also give you practical support to secure the sponsors that suit your business goals and brand identity. So, you’ll benefit from our global connections and also our expertise in sourcing new sponsors.


“I highly recommend the members of the Moventus team. I have been closely involved with Melanie and her colleagues in the planning of multiple events in various European locations. They are a great team of talented professionals who know how not only to respond to the unexpected, but to anticipate issues before they arise. They also understand how to work with different groups of stakeholders, giving them real ownership in the event planning process.”

Patrick Morrissey, Principal, Avison Young

This is what we can promise when you work with us for your sponsorship development


Not only do we work to ensure your one-off events have the best sponsorship planning possible, we can also work on an annual basis.

Therefore, if you require sponsorship services all year round for different events and opportunities, we will help your business gain relevant strategic partnerships.

Due to our experience and partnerships across the globe, we’re able to look at your business needs and acquire the sponsors we feel would benefit your business objectives.


Before acquiring and managing a database of potential sponsors, we research which sponsorship opportunities would best suit your business/event.

We then source the relevant sponsors for you and we also manage your long-term relationship with them.

At Moventus we pride ourselves on the level of service and expertise we provide to businesses around the world. So, relationship management is important to us. Most of our clients have been with us for a number of years due to our personal service.


Moventus works with a variety of partners on an international scale. We have built our relationships through years of hard-work and determination.

Therefore, when you look for a sponsorship opportunity, Moventus will provide you with a sponsorship programme.

Looking for more than just a sponsor, we search our database for a partner who can work with your business. Or, we get to work sourcing new opportunities.

Are you ready to….

Increase your sponsorship on an international scale?

Gain established partners across the globe through sponsorship?
Work with Moventus to help grow and expand your business?
Expand your sponsorship portfolio today?

Find out how Moventus can help with your sponsorship needs, increase your international sponsor partnerships and enhance your business events by contacting us today.