A boutique association management partner

Does this sound familiar?

You are looking to gain a better understanding of your members needs

You want to expand into new and international markets but you’re unsure how

You need help retaining and growing membership in your current market

You need to develop a local value proposition

Imagine if you could…

Run your organisation without having to worry about developing sponsorship

Focus solely on the success of your corporate event or professional association learning and networking schedule

Introduce new sponsor partners from across the globe without having to do any of the hard work

Worry less about your one-off event and/or long-term sponsorship needs

Professional association management, planning and guidance

Welcome to Moventus – a professional association management partner. We offer organisational planning for professional associations and non-profits that want to expand into international markets, or grow existing operations in a particular market.

Having worked with a variety of clients across the world we have the resources and expertise to help you develop in new markets and improve your membership engagement. Our international team of experts bring a thorough understanding of laws, regulations and markets as well as practical on-the-ground support needed to develop your presence abroad.

More than just an association management partner

Here at Moventus, we’re more than just an Association Management partner. We exist to provide comfort, support and confidence in our clients. Our holistic approach means that you’ll feel supported, heard and communicated with every step of the way.

We also work closely with our partners and clients to ensure we understand your business goals and core values, so we can implement a successful association management plan. Get started today!

The Moventus Team

The Moventus Association Management team is a culturally diverse team of senior professionals based around the globe. We want to help your organisation build on the values you’ve already put in place.

As we work across a variety of time zones and have established international partnerships, we are able to help with your association management needs. Our holistic approach is what sets us apart from other association management and partners. We offer a personal service designed to understand your organisation and your members. Then, we give you end-to-end support with planning, management and execution.

We have worked with a number of associations in order to successfully assist them with developing an international presence. From recruiting volunteer committee members, to developing a value proposition for members locally. Moventus can help both large and small associations achieve their goals.

Destination management and consulting for non-profits

As a destination management company, Moventus acts as an external partner to your business. We position ourselves in countries where you may not currently have an office presence in order to offer practical, hands-on support to growth. So, if you’re looking to expand into a new country and need help establishing yourself in their market, our destination management service is for you.

Any destination management company will help you find your place in international markets, but Moventus offers so much more. Our destination management package is tailored to your needs. We will help you nurture and grow your membership, introducing marketing strategies, event coordination, recruiting and motivating your volunteers and more.

Dedication to destination management

Destination management is something we live and breathe here at Moventus. We’ll support you to:

● Navigate local laws and customs
● Secure and manage local contracts and partners
● Recruit, engage and motivate volunteers

We’ve supported a variety of clients to boost their profiles, reputations, members and sponsorships on an international scale. Moventus destination management package is one-of-a-kind and one of our most lucrative services.


“Moventus has been a valued partner to IAMC for over six years. During this time Moventus has helped us establish and maintain successful operations in Europe, Central America and South America. Their understanding of association management and event planning has greatly benefited our organization. We are proud to call Moventus part of our team and look forward to our continued partnership.”

J. Tate Godfrey, CEcD, President and CEO, Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC)

“Melanie is an inspirational leader who knows how to keep groups of people focused on an outcome. I have worked with her and with the other Moventus team members for many years in Asia, both as a volunteer leader and speaker. Melanie is also an exceptional business person who integrates seamlessly into many different cultures. I have enjoyed my working relationship with her very much, and look forward to new opportunities to collaborate.”

Randy White, Regional Director, JLL

“I have attended and spoken at industry events where Melanie Hill and members of the Moventus team have been responsible for the entire pre-planning and on-site execution and I can say they have on every occasion been flawless. So much so that I recently endorsed hiring Melanie Hill to organize programmes and events in the Middle East on behalf of an organization for which I am a volunteer leader.”

Nick Hughes, Regional Head Workplace, South Asia and ASEAN, Standard Chartered

This is what we can promise when you work with us for your association management

We have a professional association background

Not only do we have years of experience working with associations to provide them with their association management needs. We also have on-the-job experience.

This is useful when working with potential member companies and sponsors who have not worked with your association before.

So, you can be confident you will receive advice and expertise from people who understand how professional associations work.

Non-profit management consulting background

It’s rare to find a company with both expertise in professional associations and a global reach as wide as ours.

Moventus has an extensive non-profit management consulting background. We are able therefore to be a representative in many markets due to our connections.

We also have experience working with volunteers and partners all over the globe, across all time zones.

We will save you money

Due to our background, international reach and expertise we’re confident that we’ll save you time, money and effort.

We’ll also help you navigate challenges and opportunities that you may not have the capability to address in-house.

By working with Moventus you will receive on-the-ground experience and the comfort of knowing we have knowledge of the market and country you’re operating in.

Are you ready to….

Save money by employing a dedicated team of professionals?


Receive advise and expertise from people who understand how associations work?

Expand into new and international markets?


Retain and grow membership in your current market?

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work with Moventus in order to grow in international markets! Contact us today to discuss your association management requirements further…